Mobile payment is a phenomenon pioneered and driven by Asian consumers and technology providers today, impacting merchants domestically and globally with an explosive rapidity yet to be grasped and properly understood. The Mobile Payment Survey (MPS) is designed precisely to capture and measure the commercial impact of this incredible phenomenon. The 2017 H1 MPS launches what is an ongoing process of incisive questioning of consumer groups and merchants by the thousands, in surveys and interviews conducted on a rolling basis by Kapronasia and sponsored by CANCAN. Take the merchant survey here

Mobile Payment Survey 2017 H1

MPS 2017 H1 Merchant Survey

The Mobile Payment Survey, conducted by Kapronasia and sponsored by CANCAN, measures the commercial impact of mobile payments. This phenomenon is being pioneered by Chinese and Asian consumers and technology providers, but the impact is being felt around the world by global retailers. We believe that in the coming months and years these payment technologies will be copied by Western players, which will fundamentally change consumer marketing and omni-channel commerce—regardless of whether the customers are Asian or in Asia. Accordingly, MPS focuses on new forms of payment rather than legacy schemes.

Kapronasia is interviewing thousands of relevant consumers on a rolling basis, as well as surveying and interviewing merchants globally. In future editions, MPS will include more merchants, and an increasingly diverse mix of consumers as mobile payments take root globally. If you have not receive an invitation to participate as a merchant, but would like to complete the survey and receive a free copy of the results please register as a merchant then complete the survey..

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